Blind Cleaning Service


Fresh, Clean Blinds in Portsmouth

If your window blinds look like they are in need of freshening up, our blind cleaning service is the ideal solution.

We will arrange a convenient day to come and carefully take your blinds down and take them away to our specialist window blind cleaning facility, where they will be given a new lease of life by our state of the art ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Your blinds will look and work like new because we clean the entire blind, including the ladders, wands and slats, as well as servicing the mechanisms to ensure that they are all in full working order.

The blind cleaning can take a couple of days as we ensure all of the dirt is removed from every area of the blinds, once we have completed the cleaning process we will bring them back and refit them for you.

Next Day Blind Cleaning Service – If you need your window blinds in a hurry Mustrade Blinds in Portsmouth also offer a fast and efficient Next Day Blind Cleaning Service.

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